translated from Spanish: Adults older than Angostura are vaccinated against Covid-19

Angostura, Sinaloa.- An estimated 8 thousand 700 doses of Covid-19 vaccines are those that will be applied to older adults in the municipality of Angostura, which will conclude the first vaccination stage for the region of Evora.  Daniel Ibram López Armenta, regional director of the Secretariat of Federal Welfare, commented that there are seven strategic points, where they will be vaccinating simultaneously during the four days that vaccination will last. 
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He externed that the population should not be concerned, because, if vaccines are lacking, they will make it easier, because the goal is to vaccinate all older adults in the coastal municipality.

In addition, he reported that all 60-year-olds will be vaccinated, however, first, they are serving those who are registered with the aim of making the process orderly and avoiding agglomerations.  He detailed that older adults who are not registered on the My Vaccine platform will be treated and supported on the last day of vaccination, so he asked his relatives to help them with that process to be treated easier and faster. He asked people not to go to vaccinate the points, where they are not entitled, as they will be very vigilant in having order and getting things right. Read more: PAS will lead the nominations in 8 districts and 6 mayors in SinaloaBy his part, Arturo Avila Atondo, interim president of Angostura, thanked the people involved in making vaccination possible, as it has been a time long awaited by all The Angosturense adults. «I hope everything goes well, in order, don’t despair everyone is going to get the vaccines, that’s what we’re promised,» he said. Finally, he said that as a municipal government they are providing all the support to carry out this process.

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Original source in Spanish

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