translated from Spanish: AMLO to ask for review of judge who granted suspension vs electrical reform

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that they will ask the Judiciary of the Federation to review the proceedings of the judge who granted the suspension against the Electric Industry Act (LIE).
At his morning conference, the representative said they will first go to the Supreme Court of Justice to respond under protection and then to the PJF Judiciary.
«We are just publishing the reform and there goes the first protection (…) we want the Judiciary Judiciary to review the proceedings of these judges because it would be the height of the judiciary being in the service of individuals,» he said.
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López Obrador said that judges granting such protections emerged in previous administrations, when foreign companies, such as Ibedrola, dominated the electricity industry, and therefore continue to benefit them.
He insisted that in the past six years, the federal government handed over contracts to these companies even though they were the only ones benefited and affected the Treasury.
The Chair added that they are open to having a dialogue with Ibedrola to review the contracts obtained with the Peña Nieto Electric Reform and establish more beneficial conditions for Mexico.
It was unveiled thursday that a federal competition judge granted a suspension of all effects of the reform to the Electricity Industry Act.
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«The provisional suspension granted is for the purpose of suspending all the consequences arising from the Decree reforming and adding various provisions of the LIE, published in the Official Journal on 9 March 2021,» the agreement states.
In the agreement, the Second District Judge in Administrative Matters, Specializing in Economic Competition, Broadcasting and Telecommunications states that «all consequences arising from the Decree reforming and adding various provisions of the LIE» are suspended.
This suspension was requested by the La Orejana solar park, owned by Zuma Energía, located in Hermosillo, Sonora.
The Electric Industry Act, promoted by López Obrador, was passed on March 2 and published by the Executive on Tuesday.
According to the president, this reform aims to promote an «equal competition market» in electricity generation, as well as strengthen the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).
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