translated from Spanish: Extension of social estating, Fer Palacio in Caja Negra, comes the Superclassic, Parent Cormillot and more…

1. Alberto Fernández defines the extent of social estinement

The president meets at Casa Rosada with the Vaccination Committee; the Government is discussing new restrictions on flights to and from other countries. I kept reading here… 2. The Government extended until 31 December the health emergency by the pandemic

It had been declared in March 2020 and will now be extended for another 9 months. I kept reading here… 3. Fer Palacio: «I have a lot of illusion of spending cachengue at festivals outside»

In a hand-in-hand with Julio Leiva for Caja Negra, the DJ remixer talked about his history, his career, his time in the stadiums and more. I kept reading here… 4. Fires in Patagonia: a rural pawn died with his dog and horse

Sixto Garcés, 50, was the only person reported missing after the fire was unsealed in the Chubut mountain range. I kept reading here… 5. Inflation: as long as prices do not loosen, do wages recover?

February 3.6% renews doubts about meeting the official target of 29% inflation by 2021. As parits close in numbers close to those driven by the government, the hope that wages will beat prices decreases. I kept reading here… 6. Netflix seeks to prevent password sharing

This is a trial feature that will ask you to verify your account. I kept reading here… 7. «Project Fluff»: Diego’s eternal figurine album with people on foot

Damian Cukierkorn and Sebastian Schor have the titanic task of collecting the photos that Diego Armando Maradona took with the people for 11 years. I kept reading here… 8. Professional League Cup: day, schedule and TV of the matches of the 5th date

On Sunday they play River and Boca in a new edition of the Superclassic. We tell you when and where to watch all the matches. Huracán-Lanús and Atlético Tucumán-Patronato will be broadcast on Public TV. I kept reading here… 9. Alberto Cormillot confirmed that she will be a dad: Estefanía Pasquini is pregnant

The 82-year-old nutritionist revealed that he is expecting his third child. The baby was born in October. «This was not an accident, it was something sought after. We are very happy,» the specialist clarified. I kept reading here… 10. Thirteen years without George Guinzburg: memory of an exceptional man and the day he shaved his moustache

More than a decade after his departure, his absence is breathed but also his legacy seems to be present, and marked to many figures of today. On this anniversary, a review of his career and the day he fulfilled his bet. I kept reading here…

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