translated from Spanish: For women’s rights: workshops to prevent violence and boost political participation

In women’s month, and in order to support women’s empowerment, it is that the Together in Action platform will conduct two series of workshops with the aim of delivering tools to address gender-based violence and encourage women’s participation in the constituent process. In total, 40 workshops will be held, expecting more than 500 women to participate.
The workshops on «Prevention and Eradication of Violence against Women» will provide, from a human rights approach, knowledge to support women who are being victims of violence, especially focused on first reception.
The «Women in the Constituent Process» workshops, for their part, will delve into the gender perspective and principle of parity in the new Constitution, and guide on how to build proposals based on gender equity.
«We are conducting these workshops because we believe it is essential to make available to organizations throughout Chile tools that are useful to women. We want each of the leading people attending these workshops to bring knowledge that can contribute to eradicating gender-based violence and promoting political participation in each of their territories,» said Board in Action Coordinator Claudia Núñez.
The workshops will be held in partnership with Now We’re Involved and the Rosa Mosqueta Collective, organizations experts in gender-based participation and violence, respectively. These will be zoomed in and free of charge. The way to request a workshop is to have more than 15 people interested and writing to
«From Now It’s Our Turn to Participate we have exclusively adapted our materials and content of training and participation with focus on women. Our objective is to be able to contribute to claim the role of them in articulation spaces, promoting the delivery of tools for participation, even more so in a context of constituent process where all the groups that have historically been marginalized can become part of it», explained the co-coordinator general of Now We Have To Participate, Marcela Guillibrand.
Meanwhile, Surimana Pérez, of the Rosa Mosqueta Collective, explained that «it is important for us that the social organizations of the national territory can identify gender-based violence and acquire the necessary tools to face the community. In this sense, the Together in Action platform is a tremendous space of articulation that offers instances of dialogue between activists, promoting involvement in these problems of social and political scope, from the knowledge of the bases».
This is another initiative of Boards in Action, a platform of women’s rights organizations, led by ComunidadMujer and Corporación Humanas, and co-financed by the European Union. They are added to more than twenty civil society organizations for women’s rights such as the Center for Women’s, Pacific Women’s Studies, Laboratoria and the Observatory Against Harassment Chile.

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