translated from Spanish: Medicinal cannabis: Government created a register for people’s access

Seeking to ensure people’s access to the cannabis plant, its derivatives and unconventional treatments, the national government through the Ministry of Health created the Cannabis Program Registration System (REPROCANN). The purpose of the same will be to register “users who access the Cannabis plant and its derivatives, as medicinal, therapeutic and/or palliative treatment of pain, through controlled cultivation”. The measure was made on the basis of Resolution 800/2021 published today in the Official Gazette and states from Article 4 that “users may register with the REPROCANN by themselves or through a representative, and obtain authorization to cultivate for themselves, to access the crop through a third person (cultivator) or through a civil organization authorized for that purpose”. 

The decision is in line with another step taken by the national government on the end of 2020 which was to authorize the cultivation and sale in pharmacies of its oils throughout the country, and seeks to promote “safe, informed and medically accompanying access to products derived from the cannabis plant”. Future users may register through page, while, as disaggregated in Article 9, “users accessing the cannabis plant and its derivatives, third-party growers and treating physicians must have a current user on the platform:”. “For the purpose of implementing the Rebuke, ask the Undersecretary of the Government and Digital Country of the Secretariat of Public Innovation to arbitrate the means necessary for its integration into the Digital Citizen Profile “My Argentina” as part of the National Public Sector Platform”, they state. With three annexes attached to the Resolution, the permitted ranges of flowering plants and extension of cultivated area are marked. The same are:
Number of flowering plants: between 1 and 9 Number of square meters cultivated: up to 6m2 Growing condition: indoor outdoor growing condition: not allowed 
Transportation: between 1 and 6 30ml jars or up to 40 grams of dried flowers 

In any case, these permitted limits, adds the communication, will be studied from the evolution of scientific evidence so that the National Program for the Study and Research of the Medicinal Use of the Cannabis Plant, its Derivatives and Non-Conventional Treatments could update the maximum limits.

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