translated from Spanish: Sergio Lapegue returns to the news

Sergio Lapegue contracted coronavirus after a family vacation in Mexico, which led him to be in hospital for a month, with a lot of difficulty breathing and a great physical exhaustion. However, after fighting her, she returned home where she is gradually and with much rehabilitation she is returning to normal. 

These weeks and to bring peace of mind to all his followers, the driver gave details of his progress such as walking without stirring: “After two weeks of recovery in my house is what I do. I want to tell you my happiness. My progress is slow but steady. I’m slowly advanced. But I’m advanced. Following treatment with kinesiologist. With perseverance I’m recovering. I started walking very slowly for 5 minutes a day. Today, I’ve managed to walk 15 minutes in a row, I get tired, yes, but I walk. And that’s wonderful. I am happy. I wanted to tell you that you’re always so generous to me and cared so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you…. we go for more…”, he wrote encouraging everyone to take care of himself. 

And the driver’s good recovery is paying off because through his social networks, which were the nexus he used throughout the process to tell how he was evolving, this afternoon he was able to confirm that he received authorization from his pneumonologist to return to his work. Along with a video and with a big smile, Lapegue recounted that from next Thursday 18 he will rejoin at noon on thirteen, to perform his program. He also wrote a few words to settle the news and thank the stamina: “I share my happiness with you. A month ago I was fighting to breathe. Shaken aided by an oxygen helmet. And now I’m getting ready to go back to the news. It’s all in faith. And with perseverance. I start small. Just two hours of air to see how the lungs that are still with pneumonia respond but are constantly improving,” he wrote. 
“I see you @noticierotrece by @eltrecetv this Thursday 18 at noon. As the pneumonologist authorizes me, I’ll #tempraneros. But we’re going slowly. I still feel a lot of tiredness in my body and some coughing. It’s normal. They call him long COVID. The doctor said to me, “Your body is now a new motor car, it’s in softening…. we go slowly” and so it will!!!! Thank you all for the usual generosity!!!!!

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