translated from Spanish: Sergio Maximiliano García Cruz wanted, disappeared in Nezahualcóyotl

State of Mexico.- On September 30, 2020, Sergio Maximiliano Garca Cruz, 29, went to visit his mother in the Metropolitan colony in the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl, State of Mexico, but never arrived, from that moment on nothing is known about him. Sergio Maximiliano worked cleaning windshields on the corner of Chimalhuacan Avenue and Lupez Mateos, according to his relatives, had addiction problems.
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According to Excélsior, relatives believe that the authorities have not advanced in their search for their drug problem, although five months have passed, they still do not lose hope of finding it. Read more: Issue Amber Alert by minor in Nuevo León; his name is Yamileth GuadalupeSergio Maximiliano Garca Cruz has scars on his hands from once he tried to take his own life. If you have any information about the young person please report it to the nezahualcóyotl authorities at the telephone number 57 43 43 43.

In the municipality of Naucalpan relatives are looking for the 10-year-old Yatzyl Flores Velazquez boy, who disappeared on March 9 when he was playing on his bike outside his home. On the day of the yatzyl disappearion he wore a black shirt, camouflaged military-style panst and white tennis. As a particular sign it has a chickenpox scar on the cheek and freckles on the face. Read more: They look for Yatzyl Flores, he played on his bike when he disappeared in Naucalpan, EdomexThe child is 1.40 meters tall, is dark complexion, dark brown, dark brown, medium mouth, oval chin, his complexion is thin, face elongated, eyebrows populated, flat nose and thin lips.

Original source in Spanish

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