translated from Spanish: Sheinbaum focused on governing the CDMX not “futurear”

Mexico City. – Mexico City’s head of government Claudia Sheinbaum responded to mentions of her name as a presidential candidate in 2024: she said the “concentration is to rule the city and serve the city.” After the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), pointed out at his morning conference on Thursday that “there is already generational relief” in Morena, by the time he finishes his period of government, the capital government noted that “no, imagine that I put myself to ‘futurear’, we are governing the city and more in a situation as complex as the one we live”.
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This, because López Obrador assured the aforementioned conference that he is happy because in the Fourth Transformation there is already a generational relay for when he retired in 2024, while the opposition has no paintings. At the insistence of the press, on the possible names of presidential hopefuls, such as Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard, and Senator Ricardo Monreal, and if she is “to be left for dead,” she said, “We are focused on governing the city, that is our goal (…) that’s what they chose us for.” Read more: Sheinbaum accompanies AMLO to the 84th Banking Convention on CDMX After his mention of “generational relay” in Morena, the President noted that he is psychologically preparing to withdraw completely from all political activity, once his six-year term is over, and will only write in his fifth in Palenque, Chiapas.Actions for Easter
On the other hand, Sheinbaum Pardo noted that at the moment the Dry Law is not contemplated in the capital during holy week.In press conference, the capitalist indicated that it is not planned to limit the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in the 16 mayors, but there will be a campaign to inhibit meetings during those daysLeer more: Presides Sheinbaum virtual meeting of the National Conference of Governors”At the moment we do not have contemplated it , but it’s the campaign that’s going to start to guide people going from Easter to different places, try to keep the measures of healthy distance and everything it means,” he explained. The head of government detailed that the Dry Law implemented at the end of 2020 was to avoid parties during the decembrian era and lower hospitalizations by Covid-19.

Original source in Spanish

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