translated from Spanish: They seek to baptize Conchalí street in homage to Fernanda Maciel

Three years and a month after Fernanda Maciel’s disappearance and death, and as part of the commemoration of International Women’s Day, yesterday afternoon Wednesday, Paola Correa, mother of the murdered young woman, along with Conchalí’s councillor, Grace Arcos, announced that they will seek as a tribute to rename Llaima Street «Fernanda Mac Correaiel». The intervention that would take place between the intersections of Puntiagudo and Cordillera de los Andes, a street where it was last seen and is the winery where it was found, has high acceptance of the neighbors of the sector, who accompanied the family in a veil where this symbolic change in signaling was generated. In this regard, Arcos emphasized that «what Fernanda Maciel represents for Conchalí and all of Chile, as a young victim of sexist violence, and the importance of paying this tribute as a vindication in search of justice, because we do not want more violence against women, we want all territories to be free of violence and any kind of domination». Along with this, the building announced that «in the coming days they will formally make the request to the Municipality to be analyzed in participatory work with the neighbors, with whom we already talked today and mostly were willing to make the change». For her part, Paola Correa, Fernanda’s mother, thanked on behalf of the family all the people who accompanied them in a new commemoration and noted that they will not lower their arms in the search for justice.

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