translated from Spanish: Again nearly 6,000 contagions: Minsal reports 5,928 new cases, 123 deaths and the highest number of hospitalized in 8 months

This Saturday, the Ministry of Health delivered a new account of the covid-19 situation in Chile, when the country again recorded nearly 6,000 contagions.
At the start of the balance sheet, Minister Enrique Paris stressed that “today we have reached the highest number of PCRs and have passed 10 million tests to detect this disease.”
“The pandemic remains active despite the vaccination process,” the authority stressed. He also noted that “Chile is the world’s first country to receive coronavirus vaccination.”
In detail, in the last 24 hours, 5,928 new cases (4,052 with symptoms and 1,520 asymptomatics) were reported, totaling 885,379 contagions.
Of these, 32,705 are in the active state and 830,698 recovered.
As reported by the Department of Health Statistics and Information (DEIS), 123 people were killed in the last 24 hours, bringing the total death toll to 21,574.
Nationally, there are 1,960 people hospitalized in ICU – the highest figure in 8 months – of whom 1,640 remain connected to mechanical ventilation. 214 critical beds are available.

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