translated from Spanish: CDMX posts an excess of 5,700 deaths in February

Mexico City in February recorded an excess mortality of 5 thousand 712 additional deaths than expected, according to the capital government’s Excess Mortality report.
This represents a 75% drop from January, the deadliest month for CDMX since the pandemic began.
According to the document, excess mortality in the capital shows a reduction from its highest point recorded on 18 January with 588 deaths in excess, to 149 on 26 February.
Between February 1 and 26, 10,513 deaths of Residents of Mexico City were recorded, representing an additional 5,712 in addition to those expected, which means a daily average of 219 additional deaths.
The average excess deaths in January was 502 per day, a reduction of 53%, and 21% compared to December.
In the first 26 days of February there were a total of 7 thousand 704 deaths per COVID-19 or suspicion thereof, of this total, 30% correspond to residents of other federal entities.
According to the report, this percentage increased in contrast to May 2020 when 18% of COVID-19 deaths or suspicion correspond to foreign residents in Mexico City.
Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Jalisco, Puebla, Guanajuato, Nuevo León, Veracruz, Baja California, Sonora and Coahuila rank as the 10 entities that have recorded the highest number of deaths and together account for more than half (64.9%) of all those in the country.
Mexico City alone accumulates 19.3% of all deaths nationwide, according to federal health data
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