translated from Spanish: Disney CEO came out to speak after Gina Carano’s firing of «The Madalorian»

Gina Carano seemed destined for great adventures within the Star Wars universe, but her character’s progression has been cut in the bud with the dismissal of the actress who was part of the two seasons of The Mandalorian. For this reason, Bob Chapek, CEO of Disney went out to justify the company’s decision and has claimed that the company follows universal values.» We’re neither left-wing nor right-wing. Our values are universal: respect, decency, integrity and inclusion, and we seek to ensure that the content we make reflects the rich diversity of the world in which we live. And I think that’s a world where we should all live in harmony and peace,» he said at the company’s annual stock meeting. Carano was later fired from posting on Instagram a comparison between being a Republican today with the Nazi Holocaust. It had not been the first time the actress had made controversial comments. 

On 20 LucasFilm’s company they made a statement rejecting Carano’s opinions and ensuring that they no longer worked with her. For her part, the actress charged against Disney and assured that she has not been the only one to be marginalized by the American company and wrote, «I’ve been thinking a lot and now I see clearly that the bullying that has taken place,» she said. She also assured that she was «prepared» to be fired, although she could not help but feel unwell in the face of the outcome. «It’s devastating, but the idea of this happening to someone else is worse, especially someone who couldn’t handle this the way I can. If I bend, it will be okay for these companies, which have a history of lies, to do this to other people. I’m not going down without a fight,» he said.  

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