translated from Spanish: EcoBici’s system ceased to be free: prices, subscriptions and new regulation

EcoBici, the public bicycle system of the City of Buenos Aires, ceased to be free from this Saturday and will come at a cost that will be charged through the same application with which the bikes are removed. From the Port Government they added that the more than 270 kilometers of cycles that cross the City will be added 30 new stations which will leave a total of 400 points of retreat and reception. 

We’re still expanding the network! We will add 30 new stations, prioritizing the proximity to educational establishments and hospitals. 40% of them will be in the neighborhoods Villa Lugano, Nueva Pompeii, Barracas, Flores, Parque Chacabuco, Parque Avellaneda and Boedo. — Ecobici (@BAecobici)
March 5, 2021

When will it cost to rent a bicycle in the City? The sustainable mobility system will offer differential prices for tourists and neighbors and will vary depending on the time of use. That is to say that for residents of the City of Buenos Aires, the time of use is limited to half an hour and seguriá being free from Monday to Friday. Those who exceed the time of use will have a penalty of $10 the first 10 minutes and would add $5 plus every five minutes of extension.

Ecobici is still free for all neighbors from Monday to Friday. Starting at 13/3, we will enable weekend and holiday passes. In addition, there will be a pass for foreign tourists, who will now have to pay to use the system any day. — Ecobici (@BAecobici)
March 5, 2021

In turn, the City will allow up to 4 free trips per day with a maximum duration of 30 minutes, from Monday to Friday. In addition, they enabled special passes for resident neighbors costing $700 and including 6 trips per day for up to 60 minutes from Monday to Sunday. The second option for the same group is the payment of $6,000 per year that will enable the realization of 6 trips per day of up to 60 minutes from Monday to Sunday. As for weekends and holidays, the city created an exclusive recreational pass for neighbors that allows a one-time trip of up to 30 minutes for Saturdays or Sundays at $70.Another 4-trip pass to $300 or 4 trips per day of up to 60 minutes, including Saturday and Sunday. For holidays this option drops to $150 with 4 one-hour trips

Source: @BAecobici

For tourists who want to use the Ecobici service, they can choose for the $900 daily pass which includes 6 trips of up to 60 minutes from Monday to Monday. There is also a $3,500 monthly pass with 6 daily trips of up to 60 minutes. All passes are processed and paid for from the EcoBici application, the same one with which the bicycles are removed today. However, there is also a pre-shift face-to-face purchase option at Ecobici’s offices at 220 Balboa Street in the Chacarita neighborhood.Next, the new Ecobici stations
Plaza Arenales – Villa Devoto
Alvarez Hospital (Bolivia 683) – Flowers
Tornú Hospital (Avalos 1052) – Chas Park
Plaza castelli (Echeverría 3249) – Belgrano.
Hospital alvear (Warnes 2626) – La Paternal.
Hussars (Hussars 2201) – Belgrano.
Tamborini (Tamborini 3821) – Coghlan.
Oath (Oath 5209) – Villa Urquiza
From the Incas (Donado 1378) – Villa Ortúzar.
Villa del Parque (Gutiérrez and Lozano). Park Villa.
Agronomy (San Martín 4351).
Udaondo (Av. Udaondo 1185) – Nuñez.
Utn ii (Saraza and Mozart) – Villa Lugano.
José Martí (Av. Eva Perón 332) – Flores.
Parque Avellaneda (Lacarra y Directorio) – Parque Avellaneda.
33 Orientals (Constitution & Thirty-Three Orientals) – Boedo.
The houses (Las Casas 3587) – Boedo.
Beiró (Av. Beiró 3572) – Villa Devoto.
Biarritz (Biarritz 2403) – Park Villa.
Bell (Campana 1523) – Villa Santa Rita.
Plaza Aristóbulo del Valle (Campana and Marcos Sastre) – Villa del Parque.
Buenos aires (lafayette 678) – Barracas.
Martí y Directorio (josé martí 404) – Flores.
Plaza don Segundo Sombra (Santander 2347).
Eva Perón (First Board and Laguna) – Avellaneda Park.
Coghlan (Stomba 2647) – Coghlan.
Miró (looked 1684) – Chacabuco Park.
Beauchef (Beauchef 1995) – Chacabuco Park.
Av. la plata (Arbeletche 804) – New Pompeii.
Agronomy ii (Av. de los Incas and Av. de los Constitutants) – Agronomy.

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