translated from Spanish: The national government will extend social estating measures

In line with the concern of the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, the national government decided to extend the social estating measures until 9 April to prevent the increase in COVID-19 contagions. The decision will be made official at midnight through a UND in the next Official Gazette and, while it will have no change from the one that has been in place for weeks, a source informed Infobae that it will limit provincial governors’ ability to issue their own measures to deal with COVID in their jurisdictions.

As this source detailed in the medium, the Government’s main current objective is to speed up the vaccination plan as much as possible and focus on communication for the prevention of the second wave, which would explain the fact that this new DISPO does not contemplate closures. The source explained this: «The President was clear that we need to restrict as little as possible and focus on the prevention of contagion, with messages of care, instruction to avoid close contacts, and discouragement of flights abroad. We are on alert for the situation on the continent.»
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