translated from Spanish: Minister of Defense comes to the fore against criticism of FF. AA of the presidential delegate for the southern macrozone

The bi minister of Interior(s) and Defense, Baldo Prokurica, highlighted the work of the Armed Forces during the Constitutional State of Emergency, after the statements issued by presidential delegate by the southern macrozone, Cristián Barra, who accused them of unwillingness regarding the situation in La Araucanía.In interview with newspaper El Mercurio, Barra argued that «they are always reluctant. It is my turn to meet with them as heads of defense in the different regions and I particularly find it unusual for them to arrive at meetings with lawyers, so that I can say why they cannot do the things that one would like.» In a statement, Prokurica argued that «our legislation states that the work of public order and security rests with Carabineros and the POI. Meanwhile, FF.AA. has a role defined during the State of Emergency, to which they have been strictly attached, and which is associated with logistics, planning, equipment and police support.» In this same sense, it is that three weeks ago President Sebastián Piñera asked the Minister of the Interior and the senior police officers to travel to the Macro Zona Sur, in order to strengthen coordination between the police and the heads of the National Defense of the respective regions,» he explains.» This was achieved in various measures to support the FF.AA. to the police, including mixed patrols, armored vehicle transfers, technology and logistics, which have been good results,» he says. In that context, According to La Tercera, Prokurica states that «we have all witnessed the professionalism, dedication and selfless service shown over a year by more than 30,000 FF.AA. troops, performing various tasks of supporting the community, participating in patrols to the eaves of Supreme Decree 265 that help combat the crimes of drug trafficking, organized crime and illegal trafficking of migrants and human trafficking in the Northern Border , actively supporting health standards audits, patient and vaccine transfers, among other community service actions.»

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