translated from Spanish: «Piñera has just died»: Deputy Torrealba (RN) will denounce CNTV by stripe of the People’s List who treated the President in harsh terms

During yesterday’s day, the strip of the People’s List was seen broadcast on the open signal channels that generated criticism from officialism. In the audiovisual register a young man celebrated the death of President Sebastián Piñera, after he learned that the candidates on that list were elected to the Constituent Convention. This generated outrage in the RN mp, Sebastián Torrealba, who will denounce this situation to CNTV.
«It’s an incitement to hate that we’re not going to accept and therefore we’re going to go to the National Television Council so that that strip isn’t presented during the constituent process,» Torrealba said. 
He added that «today what we need are agreements, dialogue and less violence. That speech incites her and goes against democracy, we’re just not going to accept it.»
Former Sports Minister Pauline Kantor wrote a letter that was published by El Mercurio, where she condemned this strip and on her Twitter account commented that «I say it loud and clear: we have to isolate and reject those who incite hatred.»
From the official Twitter of the People’s List they answered these words, stating that «the double standard on the right. They have been the perpetrators of the greatest massacres of the Chilean and Mapuche people. Do they mock HRDs and now intend to give lessons in democracy? We’re sorry to tell you that you got a real opposition.»
Look at the controversial strip here

Video via Twitter @LaListaPueblo

Original source in Spanish

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