translated from Spanish: Conducting course of management and care for patients with intellectual disabilities

A study by Special Olympics USA in 2019 found that 34% of health professionals reported that their college education did not provide them with any preparation to work with patients with intellectual disabilities.
While agencies such as the National Disability Service (Senadis) have disseminated recommendations for care for patients with disabilities, achieving an inclusive world remains a challenge: according to World Health Organization figures, half of the world’s disabled people cannot pay for health care.
“It is essential to raise awareness and guidance on health issues to family members of people with intellectual disabilities and professionals. We are looking for a world where all people with intellectual disabilities are included in health systems,” said Special Olympics President Carolina Picasso.
The organization will be teaching the course “Management and care of people with intellectual disabilities” from April 5 to May 17. The seven sessions that the course will have will be aimed at all health personnel (students, teachers, professionals and institutions in the area) who want to be certified on the subject.
The course will address comprehensive management, so it will have medical, kinesiological, nutritional and dental topics. In addition, it will be done in online format, which opens the invitation to all people from a region other than the Metropolitan.
Certification can also be obtained in digital format, after an evaluation of the contents of the course and a monetary contribution that will go directly to the benefit of the development of the foundation’s health program.
To register or know more details of the course you have to enter
It should be noted that the course has limited quotas, but later versions will be being made in the coming months.

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