translated from Spanish: Mass shooting leaves 2 dead and 13 wounded in South Chicago

Two people were killed and another 13 injured in a mass shooting at a party on Chicago’s South Side in the early hours of Sunday morning, police said. Several of those wounded in the shooting are still in surgery, police superintendent David Brown said four weapons were seized in the building, a makeshift facility converted for an emerging party. The victims were between 20 and 44 years old, police said.
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Brown said it’s early in the investigation and there’s no known motive right now.

There are no suspects in custody, he said. An image published by the Chicago Fire Department shows a group of balloons and a missing shoe on the sidewalk offstage. Read more: As in 2020: ‘killer’ Asian hornets could reappear in the US. U.S. officials told CNN affiliate WLS that they found a chaotic scene while responding.

Photos of the highways attending the shooting in the south of the city. Twitter

They ran, they were screaming, they were everywhere, said Greg Stinnett, assistant assistant to the Chicago Fire Department’s deputy paramedic.

The incident is the largest mass shooting in Chicago since last summer, when 15 people were injured in a shooting from a vehicle at the funeral of a victim of another shooting from a vehicle.

Sinaloa high school shooting threat reported

Chicago, like many major U.S. cities, has seen a sharp increase in gun violence and shooting incidents since the end of COVID-19-related closures last spring.

Original source in Spanish

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