translated from Spanish: New chats indicate luque and Cosachov knew about Maradona’s heart disease

Following the expertise conducted on the cell phones of Leopoldo Luque and Agustina Cosachov, Diego Maradona’s two chief doctors, it was revealed that they were both aware of the heart disease suffered by the Ten.In the messages, to which Télam had access, he can be read to the neurosurgeon talking to a doctor at the Ipensa clinic in La Plata, an establishment he wanted to take to Maradona for a checkup. In the chat, which dates back to September 2, Ipensa’s doctor told Luque, “I have no idea he had heart disease and what I don’t know is if he has any recent study.” After listing a series of studies conducted by Maradona (“an ecodoppler, a doppler, an echocardio, and also neck vessels, electrocardiogram”), and ensuring that “cardiologists at the Olivos clinic said everything was fine,” Luque rejected the Platense doctor’s offer to do an infusion study to Diego.

“No infusion studies and stuff. They seem too much to me and the idea is to do something, say, general and half-fast, because of the subject of coronavirus, see? (…). I’d say no because he’s not going to want to, so we do what you said at first, let’s say the basic studies of the checkup and impeccable with that, give it?” proposed Luque.On the other hand, it was also revealed that psychiatrist Cosachov was also aware of the heart disease of the former DT of Gymnastics, since he mentions it in a round trip of medication that starred with the psychologist Carlos Daniel “Charly” Diaz , also charged in the case.” I thought of possible usefulness of Modafinil as an antidepressant adjuvant. You see that there is jewel for narcolepsy,” Diaz proposes, to which Cosachov replies: “No, Modafilino does not close me, first because of the heart issue of his background and does not close me because it could increase the tremor by being a stimulant.”
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