translated from Spanish: PAN defines pre-candidates for local mayors and deputies in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- The National Action Party (PAN) in Sinaloa defined the pre-candidates for 15 mayors and deputies of the local districts 4, 5 and 14, seeking to participate in the local electoral process, upon confirmation from the Standing Committee Nacional.La State Electoral Organizing Committee reported yesterday that registration was received from panist militants and citizens who attended the call to lead the mayors and the three local meps pending pre-candidacies for the local electoral process 2020-2021 , in which this political institute will participate individually.
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The pre-nominations proposed by the PAN, in the case of municipal presidencies, are: Reyna Rosario Medina Cruz by El Fuerte; Dolores Maricela Cota Reynaga, Choix;  Abigaíl Bojórquez Leyva, Sinaloa; Ramón Alberto Urías Camacho, Angostura; Leticia Isabel Rubio Cervantes, Salvador Alvarado; Gloria Leticia Ramírez Medina, Mocorito; María Concepción López Pérez, Badiraguato and César Quevedo Inzunza, by Navolato.Read more: Aventaja Rubén Rocha Moya, candidate for the government of Sinaloa by Morena-PAS, according to survey by Massive CallerPara Cosalá, Martha Vaal Rodríguez; Elota, Karina Esmeralda Gaxiola Herrera; in San Ignacio, Selene Ponce Lafarga; Concordia, Sebastián Zamudio Guzmán: Rosario, Luis Ernesto Gallardo Quintero and Escuinapa, José Luis Villagrana Olivares.

Also approved was the pre-candidacy of Dr. Jesús Antonio López Rodríguez for the mayor of Guasave, which is contemplated in the agreement of common candidacies with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). In relative majority districts, María Gabriela Rodríguez González and as an alternate were approved for district 4, Esthela García García, as well as Teresita de Jesús Urías Zavala uy alternate, Luz Elena Gaxiola Gálvez.For the 5th arrondissement, was defined as a pre-candidate to Ariel Alonso Aguilar Algándar and his alternate, Antonio de Jesús Cruz Aguilar, as well as José Octavio Morales Osuna and as alternate Omar Antonio Espinoza León.In the 14th arrondissement , Nelba de Jesús Osorio Porras and his alternate Esmeralda Susette Flores Picos were defined.

“Electoral fraud must be banished”: AMLO

Original source in Spanish

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