translated from Spanish: The cost to pt will be seen at the ballot box

The federal deputy of the Labor Party Gerardo Fernández Noroña pointed out that the mayor of Ahome licensed Guillermo “Billy” Chapman generated many criticisms and discontent because he did not meet his expectations. Knowing popular language, which reaches the people, Fernández Noroña used a saying about money and power in the context of the Chapman case.
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What is expressed by the federal Petrist MP is attached to reality, but some do not exclude them from responsibility because chapman is largely still mayor because of the protection given to him by those of that current, those of the Fourth Transformation, who tolerated the same vices as the past. Read more: Fernández Noroña regrets that Billy Chapman’s government in AhomeThe Petrist governers and Morenist deputies made him safe. They were even cover for Chapman’s excesses, one of them is the ruler Raymundo Simons, who is brought up as a candidate for mayor. That’s why the signs of Leobardo Alcántara, pt’s national commissioner in Sinaloa, sound like “pure roll,” as the councilers approved everything for him. And he never criticized them at all. Thus, now comes Fernández Noroña with the same sonsonete, but in the facts they do not act. The cost will be at the polls.

Original source in Spanish

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