translated from Spanish: Whoever wants a lawsuit in Morena to give her PRI pal: Go out to opponents

Three days after Morena confirmed Félix Salgado Macedonio’s candidacy for Guerrero’s gubernatura, the wannabe sent a message to those who oppose it within the party.
“We got into a fight, we say things like in the family, but the time comes when already, already, now, we will all come out together, that has already happened, that has already happened, I do not want lawsuits in Morena, the one who wants a lawsuit in Morena there, that I give him pa’lla, that gives him PRI pal, that gives him another side, here there will be no lawsuits,” said Félix Salgado, who has been denounced for rape and sexual abuse.
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This March 13, morena’s National Election Commission (CNE) confirmed the nomination of the licensed senator as standard-bearer, following a new survey that was lifted in Guerrero this weekend.

Salgado Macedonio said he always respected the party’s decisions about the polls and that he always felt confident of winning them.
“I said I’m going to the poll and whoever wins I’m going to support it, I’m not going to oppose or throw or go to another game, I’m staying in Morena,” he said at a campaign event in Chilpancingo, Guerrero.
On March 14, Basilia Castañeda, who denounced Félix Salgado Macedonio for rape, reported that he decided not to press any further criminal proceedings against Morena’s candidate for Guerrero’s gubernatura, in the face of the impossibility of costing the expenses and indifference of the authorities.
“I have decided not to promote further actions in the criminal field, because, so far, by the FGR and the FGJG have violated my rights as a victim. Continuing in this way will involve a set of times and efforts, hearings in the State of Guerrero, payment of the lawyer’s travels and exposure to authorities that have already indicated that they do not want to investigate,” he said in a statement.
He noted that “if our institutions have not been transformed to ensure the presumption of good faith of those we denounce, if they have not incorporated staff who know how to investigate with a gender perspective and who eradicate privileges in access to justice, the responsibility for such impunity is not in the hands of the victims, but of the authorities.
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