translated from Spanish: Chile’s first self-esteem school: 70% of women have dissatisf with their physical appearance

In the context of the health crisis, women’s self-perception had negative repercussions. The situation accentuated pathologies such as “stress, panic crises, anxiety disorders and even depression, as detailed by the report published by the Institute of Public Health Policy of San Sebastian University”.
The situation is complex, as in Chile studies reveal the difficult relationship that women have with their body, being the survey conducted by La Rebelión del Cuerpo in 2019 to more than 3,330 women one of the most revealing. This survey states that “70% showed dissatisfche with their physical appearance, in all age sections. Dissatisfaction increases to 85% among women between the age of 39 and 56.”
It is in this context that the clinical psychologist and specialist in the process of improving self-esteem, María Isabel Pacareu, launched activities to work the perception that women have of themselves. Among the initiatives is the “School of Self-Esteem”, which “has as its mission to promote healthy self-esteem in women, through therapeutic techniques and exercises that create habits of self-love and self-ception”. This March 29th, launch day, registrations open for all women who want to access it.
The “School for Self-Esteem” consists of a monthly course, which may belong to one of the following four areas of work: mind, body, emotion and self-care. Throughout the course, tools will be delivered to achieve comprehensive personal growth.
In addition to the courses, “monthly there will be access to a special workbook or work template to deepen what you have learned in each course and apply what you have acquired to your personal experience.”
The instance offers quarterly, 26-year, and annual plans, where its costs range from 15,500 to 25,000 pesos per month. In addition to access to the classes, you can access digital and audiovisual material, invitations to events, recommendations and special promotions.
“The invitation is to work on knowing what happens to us to understand it and try to modify it. That is, be aware of what we do, say or think. And always with a focus on the positive. Because we tend to spend a lot more time thinking about what makes us, aproblem or rather negative than the positive. This leads us to get sick, to put ourselves in a way to want to control everything that happens through our thoughts – as if we were solving our problems – and it takes away a lot of energy in our day-to-day life,” Pacareu said.
The course is added to the free workshops that Mipacareu will hold in the “Week of Self-Esteem”, between Wednesday 24 and Monday, March 29.
In addition, the expert launched her first “Diary of Own Love”, a book that offers “365 days to work in a comprehensive and practical way in well-being”. The idea was born when Maria Isabel realized that “there is a giant need on the part of women to teach us to love each other and above all to have at hand concrete therapeutic tools to raise self-esteem”.
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