translated from Spanish: Courteous in the place to First B: “It will not be played as long as justice is not done”

Colo Colo’s goalkeeper, Brayan Cortés, revealed that the Albo campus has prepared “very well mentally and technically” to avoid the bitter timing of the 2020 campaign, where he had to play the match so as not to descend to Primera B.De facing the next challenges, the Super Cup with Catholic University and the National Championship, the golero albo declared at a press conference that “it goes everything in the attitude , in the commitment we have. We have prepared very well mentally, technically, with quality players who have joined the team and we have a very positive prognosis for the season.” We have a very good campus, young man eagerly. Attitude is important, we know what happened to us and we don’t want to go through that, and we’ve prepared well, and we’re going to fight for an international tournament,” he added. On the other hand, the native of Iquique referred to the work done on the microcycle of the ‘Roja’ with the new coach, the Uruguayan Martín Lasarte.” With the new technician worked well, you understand the idea of play, with enough new players and that makes you have had enough competition, and personally it’s always good to be on the payroll and on the microcycles,” he said. In conclusion, the goalkeeper of the ‘Cacique’ referred to the position of the campus with regard to the unemployment called by Sifup in rejection of the mid-promotion for the Second Professional Division.” On that subject of the Second we do not think it is fair, I have colleagues there and it will not be played as long as justice is not done so that the colleagues have a solution and we will continue unemployment,” he said.

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