translated from Spanish: Martin Redrado brings Luciana Salazar to justice for harassment

Throughout the weekend we witnessed Luciana Salazar’s anger at a photo published by Angel De Brito, where he could be seen by Martín Redrado with Luli Sanguineti, his former partner, at a vaccination center in Miami. 

The vedette’s outrage again rethies feeling that the economist plays with her, because in her words, since January 10 of this year, through a trip to the United States, they had reconciled. 

Now, seeing the photos with another woman, Luli did not shut up and performed a networked tuit cataract demonstrating her anger and where she even posted chats she had with Thomas, the son of the former central bank president to prove that there was a link between her and her dad. 

In response, Angel de Brito posted a tweet next to a photo of a precautionary who would have begun Redrado to stop the attacks and disclosure of information by the vedette, claiming that he feels harassed. 

“The precautionary will be issued ordering miss. Luciana Salazar who refrains from disseminating or disseminating any news, data, image or circumstance related to the privacy of Mr. Pérez Redrado’s family. or her underage daughter Martina Perez Redrado”, is read in the text published by De Brito and carried out by the lawyer Fernando Burlando. Matilda’s mother remained in networks and alerted reporters that this time she will not speak in any medium, but will choose another channel to resolve her situation. 

To all the journalists who are calling me about this issue, I’m going to go another way this time and more than my daughter is in the middle. The eyewitness to everything that has happened these last years and days, which at the request of him together in miami is @AnaRosenfeldOk — luciana salazar (@lulipop07)
March 13, 2021

Original source in Spanish

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