translated from Spanish: Nicolas Russo, about the fans: “The turn should take place in July or August”

Every time the list of close friends in Argentine football expands and the courts increasingly have voices, screams, festivities and insolos. 100 people are the ones who are currently qualified to witness the match and the fans are already excited about the openings of the stadiums. In this situation is the AFA, which with pressure from the leaders, begins meetings with the national and provincial authorities to tartare to bring the parties closer and present a plan so that the rostrums can count on 33% of the capacity or less, according to the initial plan.

Just this past Monday a meeting was held at the AFA and on Tuesday Nicolas Russo referred to the negotiation, projects and plans that are being carried out in order to ensure the return of fans to the stadiums.” The return should take place in July or August, when there is more vaccinated population, because it is really unthinkable to ask for a vaccine to enter the field in Argentine football,” slid the president of Lanús, a man close to President “Chiqui” Tapia.

The return to the fans will be postponed by July or August, depending on the vaccinations. Photo: NA

“There should be no one more interested in people coming back than the football clubs themselves. Tickets are not sold and it is a delicate subject. But we will have to see how the situation evolves, because cold months will come,” he said. On the other hand, the Copa America will give a series of tests on this subject and Russo highlighted it: “I have the expectation that the Cup will serve as a pilot for the public’s return to the stadiums.” “Surely, the audience in the Copa America will be different from that of Argentine football, because here you could not ask for a swab for a Lanús-Banfield, do not give the costs,” he said.

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