translated from Spanish: Parents of the 43 ask Salgado for 6 commitments if he reaches the bernatura

Some parents of the missing Ayotzinapa normalists delivered a letter to the candidate Félix Salgado Macedonio, in which they asked him to commit to truth and justice in the case, and that in case of reaching the bernatura he contributes to the investigations to find his whereabouts.
“The mothers and fathers of the 43 of us greet him and express that our movement is independent of political parties and creeds, and we are respectful of all forms of struggle.
We have made the decision to place all candidates for Guerrero’s gubernatura who participate in this electoral process to demand that they commit themselves to truth and justice and find the whereabouts of the students,” the document states.
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The Committee of Parents of the 43 requested Salgado Macedonio to investigate what happened when videos of the night the students disappeared, as well as the authorities who were omissive in implementing measures to prevent assaults against students, as well as those who participated in them, were lost.
They also asked him to join the tasks of finding information on the whereabouts of young people and collaborating with those carried out on the ground. He was asked not to criminalize his struggle and his protests, with which they demand the live presentation of the students.
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