translated from Spanish: Reading between the lines of the list of replacements for Heads of National Defense

On March 11, the extension of the Constitutional Disaster State in Chile was officialized – through the Official Journal –, in addition to replacing the heads of the National Defense.
“Given the time in which the constitutional rule of emergency of catastrophe has been maintained, the Armed Forces and the Joint Chiefs of Staff have drawn up a list of possible replacements of the Heads of National Defense, which has been sent to the S.E. the President of the Republic, through the Minister of National Defense,” reads the publication of the Official Journal.
In the military world they took note of the list of replacements for heads of the National Defense, from which it is clear that the Army would be “lowering the profile” to this extension of the State of Emergency. This, because it is not observed,” emphasized a source of the sector, the military institution’s effort last year to target generals from Santiago to other areas and chose to leave “those who are there”. One of the few new designations is Guillermo Altamirano.
Close to defense issues, they warned that this Army gesture could be a sign of annoyance with the government, mainly due to the actual 19.5% reduction in this year’s budget, which is $1,707.698 million, in circumstances that the year 2020 was $2,120,161 million.
This reduction in resources,” explained a source of the military world, limits troop movements, transfers and travel payments, which would be coupled with the decision not to move new troops to deal with the extension, until June, of the State of Emergency.
Sources in the sector stressed that this is likely that the State of Emergency will be more “a model” than an effective health measure.

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