translated from Spanish: Russia threatens to block Twitter within a month if social network does not remove prohibited texts

Russian authorities said Tuesday that they will block Twitter within a month if the social network does not remove banned texts, in an escalation of confrontation with platforms that have played a leading role in spreading dissent. State communications supervisor Roskomnadzor announced last week that the speed of posting photos and videos on Twitter was slowing down because it allegedly did not remove content that encouraged suicide among minors and information about drugs and child pornography. The agency said Twitter has not deleted more than 3,000 messages with prohibited content, including more than 2,500 that encourage the suicide of minors. The platform responded by highlighting its zero-tolerance policy for child sexual exploitation, suicide promotion and drug use. Roskomnadzor’s deputy chief Vadim Subbotin said Tuesday that Twitter did not meet the requirements of the Russian authorities.” Twitter does not react properly to our orders, and if this continues like this, within a month it will be blocked without going to court,” Subbotin told the News Agency Interfax. He added that Roskomnadzor at this point “is not recording specific Twitter measures to remove prohibited content.” Twitter did not respond immediately to a request for statements. Social media has drawn tens of thousands of people to the streets across Russia to demand the freedom of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The wave of demonstrations, the largest in many years, represented a challenge for the Kremlin.

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