translated from Spanish: Seremi de Salud opens health summary against Chillán vaccine that charged $15,000 for inoculating against home coronavirus

Due to a complaint issued by the Diguillín Governorate, the Uble Department of Health opened a summary against the Chillán Vaccine. The compound charged 15,000 pesos for inoculating against home coronavirus.
As reported by Radio Bío Bío, the clinic disseminated the information through Whatsapp groups and social networks.
The Health seremi of Uble, Marta Bravo, reported a number of irregularities when she visited the compound. For example, five people under the age of 46 were immunized without comobility or other criteria included in the risk groups.
“The audit also showed excessive accumulation and disorganization of vaccines inside the refrigerator, as well as the presence of foreign (gas drink) element to that vaccine-specific cold dispenser,” the health authority added.
The authorities proceeded with the withdrawal of all ministerial vaccines, approximately 200, that the site had in stock (anti-rábica, Influenza, HPV, Covid-19 among others). This, for not meeting the conditions for proper storage. 
Chillán Vaccinatators, for their part, must submit their discharges within five working days, in addition to an improvement plan to the National Immunization Program (PNI) to evaluate current agreement.

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