translated from Spanish: “She’s Lost Her Health Logic”: Colmed President Calls for Review of Step-by-Step Plan to Increase Coronavirus Contagion

The president of the Medical College of Chile, Izkia Siches, expressed concern about the increase in people infected with covid-19 and the level of occupancy of critical beds, and raised that there are problems of “consistency” in the Step-by-Step Plan, so she called for a review.
“As a Medical College of Chile we see with concern the increase of people infected by covid-19 and the level of occupancy of critical beds. We believe that along with pandemic fatigue, there are problems of coherence and consistency in the Step-by-Step Plan that delys it away from the population and has thereby lost its effectiveness,” Siches said in a video.
“An example of this is the protests that took place over the closure of gymnasiums, while keeping the malls open. Or permission to perform quarantined cults, while other lower-risk activities are prohibited,” he added.
Under that logic, Colmed’s leader said that “we have requested a review in conjunction with the Social Bureau and the Step-by-Step Plan Advisory Council which, in our view, has lost its health logic.”
“This includes election processes. In conjunction with the Chilean Society of Epidemiology and Infectology, we have raised since the plebiscite 2020 that we must create the conditions to develop safe election processes in the context of pandemic, without simply running the date.”
Eventually, Siches called on the government to “concentrate today on lowering cases and deaths.”
Subsequently, the president of the Medical College stated on her Twitter account that “without focusing on running the elections or not, we reiterate our call to work collaboratively to bring down cases today and the deceased. Let’s review with experts: TTA, Step by Step and variant monitoring.”

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