translated from Spanish: They create virtual cell phone viruses that mimic coronavirus

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United States. – Researchers have created a new type of virtual virus that is transmitted between smartphones via Bluetooth, when the devices are some distance from each other. Development is part of research to study how covid-19 has spread.
The virtual virus was made by a joint work between mit (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the United States, and the Universities of Queensland and Melbourne in Australia. According to the study, the virus designed to act similarly to coronavirus, includes simulated incubation times and levels of possibility of infection. Each infected device can infect another device via Bluetooth in a limited time, as long as it is near the other phone.
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According to the researchers, this can make it possible to study how covid spreads in clear ways and taking into account more variables, in addition to, it is an example of how social estating helps prevent more cases.
Researchers have developed an Android app that allows you to measure the infection status of devices and account for contagions in real time as they take place. Its intention is that this study will help to help calculate in real time the level of contagion of this type of virus and thus allow governments and health organizations to propose responses faster.
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