translated from Spanish: Bernal: An Uber driver thought he was going to be assaulted, backed down and killed his passenger

Andrea Gomez (47), an auxiliary teacher at The 967 Garden in West Bernal, was killed when she was hit by an Uber driver she herself had requested and was about to get on. The tragic episode occurred on Tuesday afternoon on Camino General Belgrano and Montevideo (185th street between Roque Cisterna and Pedemonte of that city of the match of Quilmes) when the driver of the white Peugeot 207, Nestor Alejandro Morato, thought that the occupants of a car that crossed him were going to assault him. It was at that moment that the driver of the vehicle reversed, running over Andrea Gómez and dragging her half a block. 
“He can’t have dragged my mom all the way he did. It’s okay if he hit her but from there to drag her,” the victim’s daughter opined.

On the driver’s defense Andrea’s daughter said: “He says he believed she had already got in the car. My sister-in-law was about to get in the car when she backed up if I didn’t grab her too.”  The event occurred in the presence of the teacher’s 16-year-old son. As the relatives detailed, the woman was on her way to meet her grandson.

From the ATE guild, to which Gómez was affiliated, they expressed their condolences: “From ATE Quilmes we deeply regret the tragic passing of our partner Andrea Gomez.”

The investigation was carried out by UFI holder No. 4 of the Quilmes Judicial Department, Karina Gallo, for the possible attempted robbery, and Claudia Vara for the culpable homicide. The sectional 5th of La Cañada intervened.

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