translated from Spanish: Epidemiological Report: 86% of the country’s communes exceed 100 active cases

During this day, the Department of Health Statistics and Information (DEIS) delivered its Epidemiological Report No. 103 which reported that 86% of the country’s communes exceed 100 assets per 100,000 inhabitants. According to the report the scenario in the country is quite complex, as it points out that at the national level, there are a total of 42,837 confirmed and probable active cases, the highest since July 28, when 43,749 patients were released who could spread Covid-19.As for last Wednesday’s numbers, this week recorded an increase of 16.67% while in relation to the number of spreads reported at the beginning of the month , the increase was 37.33%, with more than 10 thousand new assets in the country. They also stated that of the country’s 346 communes, 299 record an incidence rate of assets (or active contagions per 100 thousand inhabitants) greater than 100. That is, 86.42% of the total. Puente Alto, Concepción, Temuco and Valdivia are the cities with the most active cases, all of them about 900 contagions. As for the situation of the MRI it remains complex, as it has 49 municipalities with an asset incidence rate of more than the hundred. On the other hand, the infectants continue to rise and reached 13,500 being the highest figure since the epidemiological report on 13 July and at that time the assets exceeded 15 thousand.

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