translated from Spanish: “My sister (the madwoman)”: Veronica Llinás and Soledad Silveyra to the Astral Theatre

Veronica Llinás and Soledad Silveyra arrive at the Teatro Astral with a comedy directed by Manuel Gonzalez Gil, renowned playwright in charge of the adaptation “Hoy, el Diario de Adam y Eva” and “Made in Argentina”, among others.” My sister (the madwoman)” develops the reunion between two sisters, and through humor, proposes to be a reflection on human family ties. “Faces are seen again in a fun and unsopiling duel, where they will have to overcome their past in order to have a future, leading to a crazy tragicomedy that shows the social background of complex family relationships,” the play’s plot advances.

“The family serves the good times, for the regulars, for the bad guys, and to do everything you would never do to a stranger, for fear of the consequences,” will be the central reflection that this comedy develops.

Veronica Llinás and Soledad Silveyra with director Manuel Gonzalez Gil | Photo: Gentility Press Raquel Flotta

A year after the curtains came down and the doors closed because of prevention of coronavirus contagion, theatrical activity – one of the most affected by the pandemic, which increased its economic crisis – returns to work and presents new shows.

With artistic production by Juan Manuel Caballé and general of Julio Gallo, “My sister (la loca)” adapts the original idea of Ramón Paso, performs functions from Friday to Sunday from 19 and 20 hours (depending on the day) at the Teatro Astral (Av. Corrientes 1639). Tickets in ticket office or plateanet.
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