translated from Spanish: TDLC rejected taxi driver lawsuit against Uber, Cabify and Easy Taxi apps

The Free Competition Court (TDLC) rejected the Taxi Union’s lawsuits against the Uber, Cabify and Easy Taxi applications for unfair competition, abuse of dominant position and predatory price collection.
The FTA concluded that “the applicants did not provide sufficient background to establish the conduct alleged”.
“With regard to the attribution of unfair competition for infringement of rules, the Court noted that the prosecution of infringements of legislation other than that of free competition requires “prejudicialness”, that is to say, that those infringements be known and declared by the competent authority by a final and enforceable decision; and that the evidence put forward by the applicants did not establish that preliminary ruling,” he said in a statement.
With regard to the accusation of a dominant position, the court held that the applicants did not provide sufficient evidence and that “the form in which it was raised in the lawsuit of Sindicato Chile Taxis could not be criticized at this headquarters”.
“This, since no dominance was imposed on any of the specific defendants or collective dominance of all of them, an essential budget to know this type of illicit. In any event, the judgment states that the applicant did not provide any evidence as to the evidence to be taken to establish that there is a dominant position,” adds the TDLC.

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