translated from Spanish: They order compensation with $110 million to father and siblings of worker who died shot in Monticello

The Rancagua Court of Appeals determined that casino operator Sun Monticello, San Francisco Investment, must pay compensation of $110 million to the father and siblings of an on-site worker who died in July 2017 for a person who entered the compound in armed. The decision was taken by the second chamber of the Tribunal de Alzada of the regional capital of O’Higgins and in its decision, the Court stated that “the liability attributed to the defendant Casino is based on the infractional fault on its own account, in accordance with articles 2314 and 2329 of the Civil Code, on the reason that it has not fulfilled the duty of care imposed by law , consisting of preventing people from entering the casino with firearms.” In the case it was established that on July 2, the veterinary physician Osvaldo Campos Azócar, who was a client of the compound, “fired fire with a firearm in one of the game rooms, which resulted in different people being injured, with two of them dying at the site, one of which corresponds to Oscar Reyes Valenzuela, son and brother of the plaintiffs , respectively, who at the time of the facts served as the casino’s ‘Gaming Duty Manager'”.

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