translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernandez’s message one year after the start of quarantine

Unexpectedly, The President of the Nation Alberto Fernández spoke by national network one year after the start of quarantine. Thus, he reported on how the Government will face autumn and winter, ensuring that, together with the country’s 24 governors, they developed a plan that included “two dimensions”: vaccination and care.
In addition to recalling the relevant care to prevent contagion, he discouraged travel abroad from the country, as those who enter “must be isolated and subjected to strict care,” and confirmed that borders will remain closed to foreign tourists as they have been since last December.” Last year, we took care of ourselves to buy time; to strengthen the health system. We learned to get a 47% increase in intensive care beds, we incorporated 3,300 respirators, we made 12 modular hospitals. It was for that time and that collective work that the health system was not saturated. That’s why every person who needed it was able to access health care,” the representative said. On the other hand, he criticized the way in which the distribution of vaccines by suppliers with which countries signed inoculant delivery agreements has been developed: “There is a global delay in vaccine delivery: there are production problems, logistical, of inputs in the face of absolutely exceptional complexity.”

“To this day 4 million doses arrived in the country; only 6% of the doses we’ve contracted. We work hard to vaccinate everyone and everyone. Nearly 3 million doses have been applied to Argentines and Argentines. Last week, 723,000 people were vaccinated across the country; 100 thousand people a day. Argentina has the capacity to vaccinate 4.5 million people per month, but we do not yet have enough doses,” Fernandez admitted, while confirming that more doses will arrive in the coming days. He concluded: “As we move forward from the state with these goals, I need to ask the whole of society for a huge commitment to take care of us. We need a lot of prevention and a lot of individual and collective responsibility. The pandemic is not over; we must extreme the collection so that coVID does not isolate us again. If the whole society takes care of themselves, we’re going to make the impact of the second wave as damaging as possible. We work to sustain social and economic activities. Our enormous thanks to all health personnel and to all and all those who work in collective care.”

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