translated from Spanish: Alma stays: The cry of a mother who may lose her daughter’s tenure

Sofia Troszynski lives through decisive and dramatic hours after two court rulings in Argentina and France ruled that she must restore the tenure of her three-year-old daughter, her former partner, who lives in Paris and whom she repeatedly denounced for gender-based violence. Troszynski, a civil engineer, will face a decisive court hearing on her daughter’s future next Friday, with whom she lives in Buenos Aires after separating from her partner, Fabien Nicolas Pichon, a French national and the son of a diplomat. So far, the magistrate of first instance in charge of the National Court in Civil No. 4, Alejandro Hagopian, gave the reason to the father in this case, named “P.F.c. T.S. on Restitution”. Sofia appealed, but the Civil Chamber Defender letter H says, “follow the same line as the one in the first instance. They do not credit the degree of danger to prevent the girl from going back to France,” adding: “She didn’t solve with a gender perspective, of course. It was based on the opinion of the Ombudsman of the Nation, who made the same mistake.” As in the aforementioned case Wilner vs. Wilner. Osswald, for judges, the agreement on the return of minors in The Hague in 1980 (Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction) prevails and signed both Argentina and France, among other countries. And, by the outcome of the sentence, that would weigh more, in judicial strata, than a gender look. In a few days, the situation must be defined. If the house judges (José Benito Farje, Liliana Abreut de Begher and Claudio Kiper) fail against Sofia again, the sentence would be in a position to be executed and the girl must return to her father. The Justice of the European Country ruled that on 22 March next mother and daughter must travel at 14.30 to Paris on an Air France flight for the girl’s possession to pass into the hands of her father, even if they weigh allegations of gender-based violence based in both France and Argentina and a suspected sexual abuse of the child. His last hope is placed at Friday’s hearing, which he will reach with the expectation of a change in the judicial position. Tomorrow, March 19, a march will be held at 10:30 am to raise the voice, that justice will fail in favor of the girl and her mother, that the adviser Atilio Alvarez protects the child and do not separate Alma from his mother. 
“Tomorrow at the hearing we are allowed to have for Justice Argentina to prevent the French sentence, the parent’s lawyer asked that there be 5 people from the French consulate and a criminal lawyer. The judge agreed. That means the abuser will put a lot more pressure on him. Besides, they’re threatening to make a trial for going out in the media. Alma thanks all those who believe us.” Her storyIn 2013 received in Industrial Engineering at the UTN, Sofia obtained a scholarship thanks to her high grades. He traveled to France to master in energy performance and renewable energies, which included staying at casa Argentina in the University City of Paris.” After that master’s degree and an internship I started working at Lafarge, a French cement company.” So far, everything was going great. “By a common friend I met my daughter’s father, who at first seemed like someone gentle, but was always very jealous. Gradually it started to make me feel more insecure, it took me away from the friends I had made in college. Even when my family came to visit me, he kept me from everything. And if I rebelled and dated friends, when I came back I found him drunk or high. That was his way of manipulating me. ‘You go with your friends, look what’s wrong with me.’ … It was all my fault, until I couldn’t get out of drugs and alcohol.” Sofia wanted to cut off the relationship but a health problem, and the state of vulnerability she was going through, alone, in another country and without friends kept her with the aggressor. One ovarico cyst led to her being intervened and she had to have her ovary removed, part of the other and her trunk. Although the odds were very low in May 2017 she became pregnant, but in her words the pregnancy was horrible, since on her partner’s side, as of her family, she was accused of “getting pregnant so as not to work anymore and live off them”. “The mother told me that I had become pregnant never to work again, when I have a university career, which is what allowed me to go to France, and I always kept working. I was very bad for that comment. And also other racists, saying that it was an invasion of Argentinians in Paris, that what I was doing in France. All very ugly. I was always alone at the controls. Until the girl was born and already the violence was greater. Against me and my daughter. I couldn’t take it anymore.” Sofia’s violence left her settled in both France and Argentina.” I was getting pushes with my daughter in my arms, against the furniture at home. I was breaking things. There were screams, devaluations. When the baby was three months old we went to a family party and he was very alcoholized. I asked her to give me the baby, who was going to drop it. He replied that he was the father and did what he wanted. In that he raised his hands and threw or dropped my daughter to the cement floor, head. I despaired and asked to be taken to the hospital. No one wanted to, they said he was exaggerating.” counts for infobae in a heartbreaking story. “After the blow, my daughter kept crying, it was all red. In the end he agreed to take me, and my daughter was hospitalized. But the condition of taking me was that he would talk, that I was silent. He was afraid the police would intervene. She said she was hit by a football. The baby was left with a tremor in her hands, which happened over the months. It was horrible.” he recounted. After recovering from leave, for successive postpartum hemorrhages, Sofia returned to work, while her assailant left work with the excuse of staying to take care of the baby. The constant threats and denigrations he receives every day made life unbearable. 
“She threatened me, told me that if I didn’t do what he wanted during the time I looked after her, “when you get back from work, A. is never going to be there again.” I was threatening to disappear with my daughter while I was going to work. But I wasn’t taking care of her. He spent his time in alcohol, playing games.”

But violence wasn’t just about Sofia, like any mom who has to leave her home to work, at various times of the day they call the house to see how their kids are. However, what she received were always photos of the “passed out” girl on the couch or sleeping. “I have a lot of pictures that he sent me. He sent me pictures of my daughter directly passed out on the couch… all the time sleeping. I was asking her how she might be in that state if when I looked after her she was a very active baby. She slept all day, from the time I left at 8 a.m. until she was back at 7,8 p.m., and I had a hard time waking her up. He told me that’s how I was calm, that I didn’t miss a thing. I was so scared. I was even afraid to talk to the pediatrician to tell him about the situation, because he was coming with me…”
At the same time he learned, in his words, that the way to keep the girl calm, during the hours she had her under her care, was to give her alcohol to fall asleep. 

“He told me. In a meeting with friends there was a drunken cake, which had alcohol. My daughter wanted to try the cake and I said “no, she’s got alcohol,” and he replied”to try, totally she’s used to drinking alcohol. I always put alcohol in her mash and it’s the way she’s calm. Like saying it was common in France to give children alcohol so they can be calm.” 

Sofia denounced it, but the little assistance they gave her and the constant threats she received about what she or the girl could do, paralyzed her. “Several times he threatened me with death. And I couldn’t do it anymore. It was crying every day, every day to be afraid for my daughter, anything I could do had an impact on her. If I didn’t do everything he said, he’d disappear with my daughter. I’d be back at three in the morning with the sleeping baby and I didn’t know what had happened in the middle.”

Finally, on January 25, 2019 he decided to return to Argentina, but “He bought a ticket and traveled with us. And it was worse here.” The mistreatment here didn’t stop, Sofia says. “There were friends of mine who saw him yelling at me, shaking our daughter. He was making me jealous scenes in front of them. One day he punctured the car wheel and it was my fault. Another accused me of saying he was coming on vacation, when all he wanted was to rest from all his violence. He also said that Argentina was a shitty country and that it was all my fault. And that when we got back to France, I was going to get my due. To remind me that he had a gun, that I was not going to exist anymore….”On February 15, he denounced it at the Office of Domestic Violence. From that moment on, his daughter’s father had a perimeter. “It was at the greatest risk to our daughter and of medium risk to me. They also gave me an anti-hispanic button. But he didn’t meet the perimeter. I had him here at the door at 4 a.m., circling the block. Until he left, I didn’t leave the house. I was so scared. The security people in my building used to say to me ‘we can’t believe this person has an edge because he’s here all the time.’ Twice he managed to gain access by splegingwhere he violented everything and Sofia had to press the anti-Ocean button. After testifying at the police station, he gave a lawyer a power of attorney, and she began the trial of international restitution. It started in May 2019. 
And another ordeal began for Alma and Sofia: “When I saw other children of a year and compared them, I noticed that my daughter was not babbling, not crawling, I was very afraid of everyone. I didn’t have the development of other children of the same age. It was a consequence of what we were living in. We took her to Garrahan Hospital. Doctors said she was underdeveloped, as if she were a seven-month-old baby, which is just the age I stopped caring for her. She is now with phonoaudiology, occupational therapy, psychomotority and psychologist. With all those treatments she’s getting ahead of herself, although it costs her the whole linking part, because she’s still very afraid of people.” According to a report submitted to justice by the Operational Directorate of the Operational Directorate of Centralized Programs and Inter-Agency Articulation: “The girl presents a diagnosis of ‘Specific speech and language development disorders, widespread disorder of uns specified development'”. There they say that a Certificate of Disability was processed to perform the different therapies.Alma is advancing in his treatments and in his ties, however two rulings by French justice, support the father and urge her to return her daughter to her father in her native country. In view of the different requests, evidence, testimonies and appeals, the decision of Civil Court No. 4 at first instance. says the girl has to go back to that violent environment. France. There the father is asking for exclusive tenure and his mother can see her five days a year. Although it was found that your child’s problem and disorders are acquired and not of birth, despite evidence, audios, threats, witnesses, photos, and complaints. This March 22 Sofia may lose her daughter’s tenure, and the youngest may have to travel to France, to a violent environment and away from her mother. The trial of Pichon for gender-based violence will begin in August, but its start date was postponed several times since 2019 due to the constant appeals and legal remedies filed by the defendant’s defense.” If the child’s restitution is realized, that trial will no longer make sense. Who claims that in France he will never tame and mistreat the baby again?” Sofia is desperate and needs us to raise her voice. 

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