translated from Spanish: France re-confines 16 departments for four weeks

French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Thursday a further reconfiguration of measures to deal with the advance of the coronavirus, including the four-week confinement of up to 16 departments, half of them in the Paris region, which is hardest hit.” The progression of the pandemic is accelerating markedly,” Castex said at a press conference, where he explained that the figures of recent weeks “show what seems increasingly clear that it is a third wave,” says the newspaper ‘Le Parisien’. As of this Friday, eight departments in the Isle of France region, five from Upper France and three from the Maritime Alps will remain confined for the next four weeks. Curfew will start from 7 p.m. local time, an hour later to suit daylight saving time, and will affect the entire country, even those regions that are not confined.” We have found that the British variant is more virulent and potentially more serious. The situation is deteriorating, our responsibility is now that we do not miss it,” said Castex, who reported more than 1,200 patients admitted to intensive care units in the Paris region.This new quarantine has a number of tax changes last November. Thus, schools will remain open, as will bookstores and music stores. The regulations of places of worship will remain as before, as well as the promotion of telework, and businesses considered non-essential will remain closed. However, the Government will allow the population to spend more time outdoors, because, as Castex points out, “we are infinitely less exposed outside than when we meet in enclosed spaces without a mask.” Thus there will be no time limit to stay on the street or exercise abroad as long as there is no 10-kilometre radius from the place of residence, and day trips through the region will even be allowed after obtaining a safe conduct. FRANCE RETAKES THE VACUNATION OF ASTRAZENECAThe Gallic Prime Minister has also confirmed that they will resume vaccination with the doses of Astrazeneca, after their use had been suspended as a precaution in recent days. France’s decision comes parallel to that of other surrounding countries, such as Italy and Germany, which have also announced that they will use the Astrazeneca vaccine again, following the endorsement of the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Castex wanted to reassure the population by stating that the EMA has stated “firmly” that the benefits of this vaccine “far exceed the extremely low chances of developing side effects,” so he himself will receive his first dose of this vaccine this Friday. In total, 5,630,671 people vaccinated in France, of whom 1,141,798 have received both doses. As for the pandemic figures, the Ministry of Health reported on Thursday the deaths of 91,679 people from the disease, after accounting in the last 24 hours for another 268. The number of cases accumulated amounts to 4,181,607, after adding up to 34,998.

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