translated from Spanish: Opposition entered project to facilitate reparation for women who became pregnant by faulty contraceptives

On Wednesday, a draft authorship of opposition members and deputies came into Congress, seeking to more easily repair women who have been mugged without wishing for the use of failed contraceptives. It was between March and September 2020 that the Institute of Public Health (ISP) reported that eight batches of six different pills that are administered by public health facilities were flawed, therefore ordering them to be withdrawn from the market. However, one of the brands- Anulette CD, circulated again a week later. Because of these failures, more than 100 women reported unwanted pregnancies. As explained by Ms. Camila Rojas, author of the initiative” forced pregnancy is a form of torture and here there are at least 170 women who not only face an unplanned pregnancy, (but also long trials due to current legislation”. He therefore noted that “what we want to do is correct this situation, that a summary trial can be carried out, which is simpler, and establish the presumption of causality, because today it is the women affected who have to prove that pregnancy is the product of failed contraceptives, which is absurd.”

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