translated from Spanish: Sebastian Piñera and his prognosis for Chile: “I am confident that the next President will be from our coalition”

President Sebastián Piñera participated on Thursday in the Vocento España-Chile Forum with former Spanish representative José María Aznar, an instance in which he expressed his wish that Chile’s next representative be in his sector.
“In democracy the candidates propose and the people have, and therefore we must always be clear about that principle,” he began.
“But I am confident that our ideas, our sector and our country project, which is a project of progress with freedom, equity and equal opportunities, will remain,” he said.
“That’s why I am confident that the next President of Chile will be in our coalition,” he said.
Another topic he touched on was the constituent process. In this regard, he expressed concern about sectors he considers “extremists.”
“I am aware of the risks, I listen and read what some extremist sectors that want to end values and principles pose, and impose a utopia that has not worked anywhere in the world, and in Latin America we are very prone to such temptations,” he said.
However, “I am confident that Chile will reach a great deal.”

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