translated from Spanish: Whoever kills a child in a robbery will risk perpetual inmate

The deaths of two children during two attempts at vehicle thefts in Maipú and Huechuraba in February led the Government yesterday to formalize the introduction of a bill to tighten sanctions against those who commit robberies with murders of children under the age of 14, over 65 and persons with disabilities.
Undersecretary of Crime Prevention Katherine Martorell explained that the amendment to the Penal Code will elevate the punishment to the simple or qualified perpetual prison when a homicide or rape is committed during a robbery.
A few weeks ago a girl in Huechuraba, Tamara, 5 years old; and another from Maipú, Itan, 6, died when they were involved in criminal attacks. In the latter case, the expert credited the child with death from a shot by a carabinieri chasing the perpetrators of a lock-up. For Tamara’s case, meanwhile, there are no detainees yet, but her father claims she knows who the perpetrators were.
The project also typifies encerrone, which will be understood as the theft of a vehicle on public roads using one or more mobiles to obstruct its passage. The initiative aims to be punished with higher imprisonment to a minimum degree, equivalent to a prison term between 5 and 10 years; that would rise to 20 if they acted violently or intimidated.
Senator RN Marcela Sabat valued it, claiming it is similar to one from 2018. “We hope that you will find support in Congress, so that with a sense of urgency and common sense you can be given to these families, who are so hurt by the loss of a child, a powerful sign of justice,” he said.
The chairman of the House Citizen Security Commission, Raúl Leiva (PS), was flat to discuss the sentences, but demanded greater “effectiveness in criminal prosecution”.

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