translated from Spanish: Base Power warns of more mobilizations, demands agreements

Morelia, Michoacán.- After recalling that since December a timetable of payments was agreed that the authority has failed to comply with, members of section XVIII of the CNTE Power of Base warned that they will increase their demonstrations and could even return to taking the tracks.
At a press conference on the seed they keep in the first table in the Micho-Ana capital, they warned that they will continue to mobilize, since the authority, they accused, has failed to comply until the signed agreements.
“We maintain our demand that the agreement signed last December for the payment of debits, the end of the change process, the delivery of places, the rejection of withholding payments to eventual payments, among others, be fulfilled.”
Noting his rejection of the 15th stage of Retirement, his leader Benjamin Hernández Gutiérrez explained that the retirement processes with stimulus in the SEE present duplicate key inconsistencies in the VIII stage and in the later, XI and XII stages, keys/hours clearly guarded in their assignment were identified.
They ensured that in addition in the XIII and XIV stages the mechanism and destination of the keys granted was not reported and “new income (to the system) continues to arrive without being normalistic with resources of definitive discharge and / or workers with or without profile and additional recourse to the subsequent three fortnights that are charged without any complication”.
The authority has reported that the target is 3,000 retirements, however it has not reported how many applications to date they have received.
Hernández Gutiérrez reported that the Secretary of Government, Armando Hurtado, has already communicated to have an approach to generate a resolute dialogue.
It made it clear that they are open to dialogue, but they will also maintain their demand that the agreements be complied with.

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