translated from Spanish: Before May guasave seniors will receive Covid-19 vaccine

Sinaloa.- The director of Region 4 of the Servers of the Nation, comprising the municipalities of Guasave and Angostura, assured that 40 thousand doses of the Covid-19 vaccine will be applied to the elderly population in Guasave and will be before May. Daniel Ibrahim López Armenta also stressed that those who will participate in the anticovid vaccination campaign in favor of this at-risk population are volunteers from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa.
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“The brigades shall be composed of authorities with security functions, such as the Navy, the Sedena, the National Guard and also the health sector, such as the Mexican Institute of Social Security, and the Servers of the Nation of the Correcaminos brigade; but there will also be volunteers, such as City Council staff and UAS students or doctors,” he explained. Read more: Guasave has 11 new Covid-19 contagions; rises to 34 active casesInformed that about 40 thousand older adults will be being vaccinated in the municipality of Guasave, and most likely to start in the rural area of the region. It would be about 21 points that will be installed and start when the doses arrive, he noted. 

At the moment they have no indication to start with a precise date, he narrowed down, what is very important is that older adults and the people who accompany them, do not come when the dose arrives without their call, because this is done in order to help to carry an orderly vaccination day. “They will be directly convened by the Nation’s Servers to come at a specific time, at a specific vaccination point, which will be the closest and on a given day, that will cause this to flow and go in order, and that there are no crowds; there is no need to even line up outside vaccination points,” López Armenta reiterated. It indicated that prior preparation of the call was already under way, carrying out an order of vaccination capacity per point. It is about 600 people, it takes every half hour a certain number of people so that there are no crowds and being able to vaccinate in an orderly manner, insisted, and mention was made about the process of registering on the website. Read more: Older adults are vaccinated against Covid-19 in Sinaloa municipality
The pension operation we are carrying out with older adults to register them is currently being leveraged, as well as with people who have difficulty registering on the My Vaccine platform.

I’m sure all our older adults are going to be vaccinated and we’re not going to run out of vaccines, I’m sure,” said the director of Region 4 of the Nation’s Servers in the municipalities of Guasave and Angostura.

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