translated from Spanish: Government of Mexico gives 150 million pesos to Epigmenio Ibarra despite economic difficulties

Photograph/Government of Mexico
Mexico.- Despite the country’s economic situation due to the passage of the pandemic, 4Q granted Epigmenio Ibarra a credit of 150 million pesos.
Almost at the beginning of the pandemic President Andrés Manuel López Obrador pointed out that no entrepreneur would be rescued as was done in the past, even granting credits on account drops to small and medium-sized companies.
However, according to research by the LatinUS portal, the leader of the self-appointed “Fourth Transformation” (4T) made a notable exception: through the government bank Bancomext, it granted a credit of 150 million pesos to Argos Comunicación, the television producer of Epigmenio Ibarra.
It should be noted that for journalist Carlos Loret de Mola, a contributor to that website, Epigmenio Ibarra is the main propagandist of the current Federal Government. In fact, he’s the only documentary filmmaker to have entered the National Palace to interview the president.
As read in the contract obtained for the report Saving Private Epigmenio, Argos Comunicación accessed this loan in two parts. The first, “Section A”, corresponding to 100 million pesos, and “Tramo B”, covers the remaining 50 million pesos, according to the agreement signed on June 16, 2020 by the company and the government bank.
The “Stage A” would serve for the pre-production, production and post-production of the television series in which this company is working for different platforms, including Netflix. While “Leg B” is intended to acquire film crew and solve any capital need, such as acquiring inputs, paying expenses or remodeling.
The delivery of the credit coincides with the announcement of the construction of two new recording forums of Argos and which cover 1,200 square meters each in the Gabriel García Márquez studios, located in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico.
According to information available on the National Transparency Platform, the credit must be settled in 2024, when López Obrador ends his term of office.
Source: Latinus

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