translated from Spanish: Island and the new Red: “Now we’re going to have another style”

Mauricio Isla, side of Flamengo and the Chilean national team, analyzed the present and future of the “Red”, ensuring that people must understand that it will no longer be able to play with the intensity that was done before. In conversation with TNT Sports, Isla assured that this fact “doesn’t go so far through age. We, particularly the great ones, were very hurt when we were out of the World Cup.” We have a responsibility and to this day we have assumed it, that it is our fault, that we always carry this, that we do not classify the World Cup,” he added. The “huaso” clarified that “this is not our last race, we keep fighting, we keep working. Look at the case of Arturo Vidal, who played many infiltrated matches, both in the team he was in and in the national team, and has always given himself up to the maximum like everyone else.” The extreme noted that “what people need to know is that it is difficult to find that team that was first had with Bielsa, who had the development, the growth of each one, and then we came to what we achieved with Sampaoli and the ‘Bichi’ (Borghi).” There aren’t the players to have that intensity. One can name a player, we don’t have a ‘magician’ Jimenez to put the last pass in you, a Valdivia ‘magician’ who was at the time,” he complemented. Flamengo’s player exemplified that there is “no Jara with Medel who at the time played with a much higher (advanced) defense, which were known ten years ago. A Beausejour that passes back and forth. It’s different, very different.” Isla sentenced in the same line as “Marcelo Díaz has other characteristics than Erick Pulgar. Jara has other characteristics than Sierralta or Maripán. So people have to understand that and now we’re going to have another style. I hope that new style can help us get points and get to a World Cup.” It should be remembered that Martín Lasarte’s team will play their next friendly commitment on Friday, March 26 against Bolivia, in a scheduled duel at the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium at 22:00 a.m.

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