translated from Spanish: Omar Perotti dismissed Marcelo Sain as Santa Fe Security Minister

Today the governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti, removed Marcelo Sain from his post as Minister of Provincial Security. The decision was made by Perotti following the spread of a highly racist message from Sain, who referred to the provincial police as “black villagers.” They’re black villagers. At two in the afternoon they’re in the house. I think you guys play in the first D and I play in the first A. You’ll say I’m a son of a bitch, a bluff, a turro. No,. I have many years of experience playing in first A. Now I’m in the locker room for the first D. That’s what I think of all of you,” were the words Sain used in a voice message. On 8 March Sain confirmed, through his social media, that he was the author of that audio and took responsibility for his sayings, but stressed that he was heading towards a police force that “didn’t feel like working.”

This is a dialogue with a person who didn’t feel like working. I have nothing with the saints, but gratitude and affection. I was talking to some bosses who didn’t work, not the cops who are boring every day. I am passionate and, but in privacy — Marcelo Fabián Sain (@marcelo_sain)
March 8, 2021

“The private audio being broadcast is a year and a half old. It’s a “private” audio sent to a police chief with a minister’s claim. It’s not a court hearing, a test material defending a narco cop, like the ones in court. It is rare for him to leave now,” said the now former homeland of the Ministry of Security of Santa Fe.De, as much as Perotti and Sain kept quiet through social media and expressed no say about the dismissal. 

Original source in Spanish

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