translated from Spanish: President of the Medical College: “No government had treated us so badly”

The president of the Medical College, Izkia Siches, was part of the new podcast chapter “La Cosa Nostra” where she addressed the management of the pandemic by the government and launched harsh reviews. In the first sense he referred to the “Social Table” that integrates several associations of health professionals where he assured that it has no weight, because he stated that “I have been in that Social Bureau for almost a year, and I make many proposals and everything, but the only times they listen to me is when I actually make slightly higher-level statements. It doesn’t work that social table to reach agreements, it’s not an instance that has power, it doesn’t cut anything, it’s an issue that I go to, but it doesn’t serve as a complaint.” In all the pandemic, I who have been super young, I go to all the meetings and I take pictures with all the unhappy, they have not passed us goals, nor a union issue,” she said. In that line, Siches stated that “no government had treated us so badly. And in the midst of the pandemic, we take care of the patients. You think we’re going to make a stoppage? We’re never going to make a stoppage! Why? Unemployment is going to kill patients, who aren’t theirs, they’re from the village, they’re poor, and there I do have a cross-line where it’s impossible. They’re the worst. I mean, I couldn’t, not because of the strategy or anything. Even if they sell us the ointment, I think they’ve been nefarious.”


Original source in Spanish

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