translated from Spanish: Chairman of the House Constitution Committee and the third retreat: “We need to see how we get around the TC”

Socialist Party MP Marcos Ilabaca as chairman of the Constitution Commission of the Chamber of Deputies will be an important part of the processing of the third planned withdrawal of funds, which will begin next Wednesday.
The parliamentarian acknowledged that there are currently five projects, available to the House that seek to complete a planned withdrawal for the third time.
“The truth is that each of the projects has a common purpose, and it is the lifting of a diagnosis that I believe today is common and transversal, which says relationship not only with the difficult health moment, but economic,” he said in conversation with radio DNA.
According to Ilabaca, the discussion of this initiative is justified by the economic crisis that thousands of families are going through. “For example, my region, the Los Ríos Region, the 12 communes are quarantined, where small shops, essential shops, are closing at eight o’clock in the afternoon, where other shops cannot open, and the level of economic drowning it is wild (…) The whole population, except the super-rich, are having too much fun,” he said.
The Socialist MEMBER acknowledged that the decision to lend to people’s funds is motivated by the insufficient support instruments implemented by the government. “The government’s measures are insufficient, petty, full of fine print, that do not reach the entire population. And that’s where this project was born very strongly,” he said.
The parliamentarian admitted that a fence difficult for the project to be a possible review from the Constitutional Court (TC) the court has already declared unconstitutional a second retirement initiative, promoted by Deputy Pamela Jiles.
“Immediately the risk arises, and that is why we have to see how we deal with this situation, that the Government will take the discussion back to the Constitutional Court. But that cannot be an obstacle and cannot inhibit the Chamber of Deputies or the National Congress in discussing an issue that more than 80% of the population is requesting,” he acknowledged.
The chairman of the committee anticipated intense discussion in the legislative field. “The TC today is an obstacle, it is a risk, it could transform this project into mere expectation, yes, it is effective. But we have to give the discussion, we have to see how we get around the TC. That’s why I’m going to look at each of the projects in a studied way to see which one is going to be able to save that fence,” he concluded

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